Friday, May 1, 2009

The Living Room Lounge 2nd Breakfast outing

Well, last Saturday I went again with my wife and the kids things this time.

The weather was amazing… and interestingly, the services improved so much that we were surprised when our orders came so fast! (to the delight of Danderma I’m sure ;) )

This was an amazing appetizer (I think). I forget its name, but it is Mozzarella cheese that is breaded or something (they have the same with Halloumi cheese as well, will try that next time).

Crispy Mozarella

And of course, no Breakfast is complete at TLRL without their amazing signature scrambled eggs.


The kids were ecstatic in with the weather, food and drinks… soon after grabbing the first bites, we couldn’t keep them sitting… they ran about and figured out how to get down to the beach side :)



Every time we take the kids to Marina Crescent, they through a huge fit when we pass by Color Me Mine. Admittedly, it’s very enjoyable for both kids and adults, however it can get expensive and takes a long time. This time, it was about a year since we last took the kids coloring, so we surprised them after breakfast and took them to Color Me Mine.


After breakfast, we noticed people enjoying the beach and swimming. I decided if the weather is suitable next week, I’ll take the kids early in the morning for a swim then get the take out breakfast from TLRL. The forecast looks ok for tomorrow (a bit sunny though, pack your sunscreens!). So, despite my wife’s objections, I’m planning to take the kids tomorrow morning (first high tide around 6:30AM, low tide by 10:45am or so).


So, see you there tomorrow if I succeeded in enticing you enough ;p


NBQ said...

darn it...
we didn't make it today...
kids weren't ready... they slept late last night.
Spent the morning revising Qur'an with them.
maybe next week insha'Allah.

Aggz The Aggressor said...

I'm happy you enjoyed it, but honestly speaking, nothing beats a heart breakfast in your PJ's, followed by a mid-morning nap straight afterwards :)

bananaQ8 said...

nice blog you should definitely come back :)